Welcome to Practical Philosophy Kingston

We offer a ten week evening course in Practical Philosophy

Locations & Enrol

Enrol here for our classroom courses.

Fees:  The appropriate course fee should be submitted before joining a class. Preferably enrol online and bring a print-out with you. Alternatively bring cash or a cheque if you enrol at the first class although we cannot guarantee there will be a place on the course if you do not book in advance. Any queries about enrolments please telephone 0777 9036 111.

Fees for Continuation Courses: Students on continuation courses are welcome to pay the appropriate fee using this webpage. However our favoured method is by standing order. Please ask for a form or set it up online. Alternatively pay direct to our bank account (which saves our charity the Paypal fees - Please ask your tutor or email us for bank details if you wish to pay direct to our bank account).(Note: This is not a Direct Debit payment so you are in complete control of the Standing Order payment and can cancel the payment if you decide not to continue the course at any time without notice)

Cancellation: You may cancel your enrolment, for any reason, before the end of the second week of term. The fee will be refunded to you, less a £5 administration charge.

The Following Courses and events are offered this coming term: