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We offer a ten week evening course in Practical Philosophy

Archive of Events

Myth - The Key to Understanding the Bible. A talk by the Rev Chris Scott, Chaplin to the Richmond Almshouse residents on Sunday March 8th 2015 explained the significance of Myth and how it can deepen our understanding of Biblical teachings.

Why this man matters to you" A Talk by Arthur Farndell on 16th November 2014 about Marsilio Ficino, the inspiration behind the Florentine Renaissance. 

Procrastination -A Talk by John DeVal on 23rd March 2014 - He explored humorously how procrastination can be a thief of time but occasionally some decisions need to be taken tomorrow. 

Icons - Art for the Soul - Mrs Verena Watson displayed and explained the part cons have played in the western world and how they may uplift the soul when seen aright. Sunday 20th October 2013.

Making the right decision - Sunday 23rd June 2013 : A talk by Paul Palmarozza a decision-maker in the commercial world, including filmed scenarios and audience participation in decision-making.

Art & Philosophy - Sunday 3rd March 2013 : A talk by George Murray, and accomplished artist

Money Talks - Sunday 14th October 2012 : A talk by Richard Glover showed how an appreciation of the true nature of money could be the first step to real economic recovery, bringing happiness and prosperity for all? 

Philosophy and Peak Performance - Sunday 24th June 2012:  A Talk by Stephen Thompson a former member of the UK under 20 fencing squad.

The Quiet Mind - Thurs 17th November 2011:  Dullness and inertia or a path to reality? by Peter Reddell

The Human Condition - lost in thought - Thurs 20th October 2011: feeling separate - is there an alternative? by Peter Reddell

Open Door to Awareness - Thurs 22nd September 2011 A practical philosophy - the beginnings of wisdom? by Peter Reddell