Welcome to Practical Philosophy Kingston

We offer a ten week evening course in Practical Philosophy

Course Fees

Gift of Wisdom & Happiness (Introductory Practical Philosophy Course): £10 for the full 10 week course.

FOUNDATION GROUP (Parts 2-5) [10 week terms]: 

Termly Fee: £75/term

Concessionary* Fee: £65/term

Full-time Student Termly Fee: £48/term

NEW MEDITATORS GROUP (Parts 6-12) [11 or 12 week terms]: 

Termly Fee: £85/term (or £20.50/month x 4 by Standing Order) ** 

Concessionary Fee*: £75/term (or £18.00/ month x 4 by Standing Order)**

Full-time Student Termly Fee: £48/term (or £12/month x 4 by Standing Order)**

* Concessionary fees
Automatic reduction for full-time students under the age of 25yrs and family groups at the same address; otherwise it’s based on need. Our aim is that no one should be prevented from coming to Practical Philosophy due to financial constraints.

**Standing Order Payments should start on 1st of each month on 1st January, 1st May or 1st September respectively. Four payments cover the fee for each term. If you start payments late please increase the first payment accordingly. The Standing Order must pay monthly instalments for four months to cover each terms fee; ie students wishing to continue their studies from term to term simply keep the Standing Order running.

Note: Paying direct to our account either by Standing Order or BACS saves students a few pounds each term as we dont have to pay PayPal fees. Please ask for our account details.